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Kasbah Asmaa


Moroccan restaurant cuisine is considered one of the most unique in the world.


One of the reasons for  is its remarkable diversity of influences.


Discover a truly unforgettable experience eating at Kasbah Asmaa Midelt.



About Kasbah Asmaa Restaurant front view


Authentic Moroccan Decor

Restaurant Red 950 Kasbah Asmaa
Restaurant Red Kasbah Asmaa


Six big areas dedicated to outstanding restaurants.


The finest gourmet destination at our area.


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Restaurant Blue Kasbah Asmaa



With capacity to serve 400 people everyday,

it's very common to met with big tourist groups,

having their lunch here




Restaurant Midelt Morocco Kasbah Asmaa



Very well trained staff.

Fast and pontual service.



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Restaurant Salon Kasbah Asmaa


Everyday in lunch time

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Fresh food, lots of choice


Slow cooking techniques



Restaurant Kasbah Asmaa Salad buffet
Restaurant main buffet Kasbah Asmaa
Restaurant main buffet tagine Kasbah Asmaa
Restaurant Kasbah Asmaa fruit buffet

Gourmet Recipes

High quality ingredients

Kasbah Asmaa salad
Kasbah Asmaa fish
Kasbah Asmaa couscous
Kasbah Asmaa tagine poulet



Bringing you a gourmet experience in Midelt.


Selected ingredients to provide you the real flavor of Morocco.



About Kasbah Asmaa Restaurant front view
Restaurant Display Tagine Kasbah Asmaa
Restaurant Display Fish and Tagine


Morning Surprise

Restaurant Breakfast Kasbah Asmaa



What about to wake up,

and be surprised by a gourmet buffet breakfast,

full of moroccan goods?



Restaurant Breakfast Buffet Kasbah Asmaa
Restaurant Buffet breakfast gallery Kasbah Asmaa



More than just a meal.


An unique experience.



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For groups reservation you can contact us at:



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